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AX 9100 simulators | 22.05.2009
The AX 9100 car driving simulators provide both money saving and environmental friendly solutions, without compromising quality. This light weight and highly portable system is the result of the cooperation between AutoSim AS and X-design (Hyderabad, India)

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Seat Belt Convincer

About :

        One should pay full attention while driving a vehicle and completely avoid any distractions. It is also an automobile owners responsibility to keep his vehicle in the best condition so as to avoid any accident while driving on road. While driving a vehicle the responsibility for ones life and the life of others rests with the driver of the vehicle. Therefore, it is required for an automobile driver to comply with all the rules and regulations laid down by the Traffic department and also drive a vehicle keeping in mind the following tips which would most certainly making the driving experience more pleasurable and safe.

       The Seat Belt Convincer is an easy-to-use educational tool that allows riders to experience force, up to five times their body weight, similar to that of a 5-7 mph crash.

       The Convincer was developed to educate the general public of how beneficial the use of seat belts can be even when involved in a low speed collision. It is a very effective tool for safety presentations at high schools, businesses, fairs, community events, drivers' education programs or any event where the "entertainment" and safety education factors associated with the Convincer would be of benefit.

Operation :

       The Convincer is designed to allow participants to safely feel the real impact of a crash at low speed up to 10 km/hr or an equivalent of 0.2G force magnitude. Can you imagine if the real vehicle crash at 50km/hr or 100km/hr?

       This experiential learning session is powerful to serve as a wakeup call and leave a lasting impact in the mind of the road user for many years to come. This is one step closer towards creating a safe driver.

       So, how does it work? To begin, The passenger enters the carriage at the top of the slide and buckles into the seat. Once the rider is properly fasten in the seat belt and its fitment is double-checked, the operator rotates the lever from the "return" position to the "convince" position. The secured rider slides down the track and collides with the front bumpers, safely experiencing a simulated crash. The Convincer allows the rider to experience the surprising amount of force generated with such a low speed collision and to gain respect for the benefit that a seat belt can provide. After impact, the rider exits the machine at the bottom. The Convincer is then returned to the top of the carriage in preparation for the next rider.

       The Convincer features simple towing and set-up procedures for operator convenience. Play the video below to learn about all of its features and how easy it is to transport and operate the unit.

What is the CONVINCER :        

  √    Learning road safety through “real” experience safely

  √    Convincing that road accident impact is powerful

  √    Convincing that wearing seatbelt saves you

  √    Real attention grabber a WOW factor in any event